Why Join IBRA

Question: Why was the International Barrel Racing Association started?

Answer: The IBRA was started, quite simply, to encourage larger participation at local approved shows by working with other associations and to give our members better recognition for their yearlong efforts with an outstanding awards program.

Question: I am already a member of a different association, why should I join the IBRA?
Answer: For a $55.00 single membership fee or $115 family membership fee, you will become a member of the IBRA and you could possibly be eligible for multiple standings and awards.

1. IBRA State 4-D Standings.
2. IBRA (Possible State 3-D Youth Standings)
3. IBRA (Possible State 3-D Masters Standings)
4. IBRA National Finals Championship

Along with over $250,000 in payout and awards, we have put together an awards package that anyone would be proud to win.

Question: Are there any horse or rider requirements that my horse or myself must meet to join?
Answer: NO, The IBRA is open to everyone; beginners, intermediates, professionals, weekend warriors, young and old alike. Your horse does not have to be registered and may be of any breed.

Question: How do I become a member of the IBRA?
Answer: You may apply 3 different ways.
1. Print out the membership application on the website and send it in the mail with a check.
2. Fill out the online membership application using a credit card.
3. Join at the 1st show that you wish to compete in. Your membership will then be sent in with the show results. (For faster and more accurate processing we recommend that you join online or send you application directly to our office.)

Question: May I choose to run for points in any state or does it have to be the state I live in?

When you join, you will be asked to choose a designated state. The state... read more

Question: As the Show Committee, why should I approve IBRA?

Now that the 4-D's are becoming more popular, the added money is... read more

For more information about the IBRA, you can call or write us at:

International Barrel Racing Association
P.O. Box 91205
Louisville, KY 40291
502-239-4000 office
502-239-4100 fax