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Dear WV Members,

We, at the IBRA, are always striving to improve our association to make it the best it can be for you. While one of the features we feel is most special about the IBRA is the fact that we run points statewide. We do realize that for some states it makes more sense and is better for show producers and members to split the state. Due to West Virginia’s unique geographic lay out we feel as though it could be beneficial to split the state into North and South. So for the 2023 season that we have just started we will be running a North and South set of points.

Our great director, Ashley Skaggs, will continue to head up the southern states and we are super excited to announce that Alyssa Hosey will be stepping in as the North Director. She will be creating a new FaceBook page for West Virginia – North and will post an introduction of herself and somethings she is hoping to do in the North there. This information will also be available on the WV Homepage of our website.

North? South? Not Sure…

The shows that will be considered Northern WV will be as follows: Bruceton Mills, Blacksville, Beverly, Martinsburg, Glen Easton, Kingwood and Daybrook.

The shows that will be considered South will be: Lewisburg, Canvas, Athens, Marlinton, Winfield and Ripley.

A horizontal line across the state at Ripley is where we will divide the state. Shows on the North of that line will be WV-North and vice versa.

It does not matter where you live you still have the choice of which side of the state you would like to join. The shows that attract members from both sides of the state will often be co-approved as requested by the show producers.

Let us know!

We are going to need your help. We are planning to start posting points for WV on October 24th. We would like for you to tell us where you would like to be North or South. You also have the option to go Open Range. If you don’t like this idea and want a refund, we are happy to do that as well since this information was not announced prior to the seasons start. PLEASE SEND ALL CORRESPONDANCE IN REFERENCE TO THIS MATTER TO THE FOLLOWING EMAIL ADDRESS: WV@IBRA.US ….This is the email we will be checking for communication in regards to this specific matter. If you have not specified North or South prior to October 20th, it will be assumed that you are going to join the side of the state you live in based upon the zip code you turned in on your membership.

We hope that this will be a good thing for the state and we are excited to the state of WV prosper. Wishing you a blessed 2023 season.

Sincerely, Shane Cline IBRA President



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