Open Range


Open Range Members

The Floating State, which will be called Open Range, was designed to accommodate those members who do not have 8 or more shows in their state and do not have the opportunity to qualify for the National Finals. It was also created for those members who wish to travel to any IBRA show regardless of location and still accumulate points.

Example: A member could attend Preferred Shows, Super Shows, and any show in any state and accumulate points towards the floating state standings. We will count your best 14 shows per horse/rider combination, per division, to determine National Finals eligibility. However, there are no requirements on number of shows you must attend to qualify for the finals. A member must designate the Open Range on their membership application or make the change in writing. If you change your designated state during the season, you will forfeit any points you have accumulated.

Open Range will be treated like any other state. The top 5 will be considered Top Dogs and will be eligible for the National Finals short go, and anyone with 100 points will be considered a State Qualifier. There will be no year-end awards for the Open Range.