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Hello, to my beautiful barrel racing family;  I hope everyone is staying warm this winter.  I would like to share with you guys today about change also known as “Shanah” in our lives!


For the past year I’ve been intrigued and very interested in learning Hebrew.  I’m by NO means a scholar, it is a complex language; and to be honest I haven’t even mastered the english language. Lol  I’ve found when I dive deeper into the word of God things begin to make more sense to me.  I hope you will be as interested as I and maybe you too will learn a few new words.


The word that I have at the top “Shanah” has several meanings but the one I want to touch on briefly is, Change.  I know change can be a beautiful thing that sometimes is necessary for us to grow.  This morning, I want to speak about the change in our lives that we feel are unwarranted; it may be losing a job unexpectedly, experiencing sudden health issues or you going through a divorce that you thought would be forever.  


You see Shanah(Change)is a big word for a lot of us.  Change can be hard.  Change can be scary.  Change can disruptive.  But you don’t have to live a life consumed by anxiety or stress when it comes to change.  YOU do not have to fear change when you understand that God does NOT change.


In Malachi 3:6 writes: “I am the Lord, and I do not change,” ok so the word “Shanah” here means that God has always been the same in the past, and in the present, and He will be the same in the future.


So while you may be facing changes in your life that you did not ask for nor want, God promises to be an unchanging foundation for you always!  If we can hold on to this truth it may not change the circumstances in our lives but it will change the way we deal with it.


I pray that you find hope in the God who promises to never Shanah (Change)...




BeBlessed, BeBold and BeBright

Yours truly,