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Are you too busy?...



Have you ever ran into someone you haven't seen in a while and they asked how you're doing or vice Versa and the response is "Busy." Let me just raise my hand 🤚🏻 because I'm so guilty of this.

As I was studying my bible this morning I started reading Luke and my heart ❤️ got convicted when I started to read the story about Martha and Mary. If you haven't I'll give you a brief synopsis.

It's about two sisters that have different priorities. Jesus was coming to Martha's house and like a lot of us she was "busy" trying to impress Jesus and everyone else. She wanted everything right, and it was except-her motives.

Mary, seized the opportunity to sit at his feet and learn. She knew the work would still be there but he would not.

That's is a lot of us living in this high speed world we are too busy. Don't try to fit Him in your schedule, but make the decision to put Him first and work the schedule around your time with Him. Not spending time with God is the biggest mistake we can make in our spiritual lives. Spending time Studying God's word, praying, and fellowshipping with Him changes us and makes us strong enough to endure whatever challenges come our way in life.

Mary operated in wisdom, she took advantage of the moment. He wasn't there to see a clean house he was there to see them. There is a time for everything and at that time a clean house wasn't the most important. Let us use wisdom and not miss God's presence when it's available.

God calls you to come spend time with him don't be too "Busy" welcome him in and enjoy his presence.

BeBlessed, BeBold and BeBright

Yours truly,

Southern Blessed Hart