Hello everyone! Unfortunately we are going to have to cancel the Turning for Spring Preferred Show in Murfreesboro. We were contacted by staff of the TN Miller Coliseum and let know that they are shutting down MTSU due to the Covid-19 virus. We will be issuing refunds next week. Thank you to all who entered and we look forward to seeing you soon! In regards to IBRA’s stance on this. Right now we are going to follow local, state and federal advisories as they obviously have much better resources and greater information.


We also had a smaller show in Liberty, KY booked for this coming weekend cancelled by the county government so we feel that proper precautions are being taken by government facilities. We will be leaving it to the individual show producers to do the same for the time being. Please seek the council of the pertaining health agencies and officials for proper guidance for your area. Remember all lead officials are encouraging us to no panic but take precautions. Stay healthy everyone and keep having fun!


**Think ahead. If your going somewhere that has limited washing facilities, take extra water, soap and hand sanitizers. Avoid touching your face.