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Dear Member(s),                 

I would like to start by thanking you for another great IBRA season and welcome you to the 2015 season. We have had many wonderful memories made and hope that you have also. There is nothing better than seeing families and friends enjoying themselves doing what they love. In our case God blessed us with the love of horses and speed. While we are as competitive in nature as the sport we ride in, we are also compassionate, encouraging and loving. Each year we see more and more benefit and charity shows increase in numbers as well as attendance. We see our youth numbers growing and more kids cheer for their siblings and friends. This is our future and from the looks of things we have a bright future ahead.

Adult Class

There are a lot of great things happening this 2015 season. One of the most exciting is the addition of an Adult Class! This class will be sanctioned to give points and awards to those of age 19-39. This is the largest age group that we have running our association and we have had many request that they have their own class to run as well. As with any new class this will take some time to implement. Show producers will have the option to add the class right away as of Aug. 1st but we are sure that it will be a while before this becomes a regularly implemented class due to possible complications with series shows, other organization rules and things of this nature. So if you would like to see the Adult Class added to a show bill please let the producer know but also be mindful that this is going to be a process for the first couple seasons. Eligibility for the class will be determined similar to that of the youth. However old you are at the start of the season will determine what class you can run for points the rest of the year. So if you are 39 on Aug. and turn 40 Aug. 2nd you will be considered an Adult rider with the IBRA for the remainder of the year.


Youth: 18 & Under     Adult: 19-39     Masters: 40 & Up

**Your age as of Aug. 1st will determine the class that you will run for the remainder of the season.**

2014 National Finals

The National Finals Flier is posted at the link at the bottom of this page and the link to the left. The schedule is quite similar this year but we are allowing contestants the option to come in one day sooner. You may arrive this year as early as Sunday. You do not have to come in this early but it is an option to allow those hauling in from further away some additional rest time. As always we will have great added money with over $40,000 added to the pot and lots and lots of awards. Carrol Leather trophy jackets, Pro Rider saddles and Monsoon Trophy buckles all will be back in beautiful fashion. Our leather awards this year such as halters, breast collars, head stalls and more will be presented by Jaco Brands, our official tack supplier and Title Sponsor of the 2014 IBRA National Finals. Jaco brings a unique style to the table that is new to the horse world and we are happy to bring it to you. Jaco also offers a multitude of retail items please check them out at www.jacobrands.com.

We are very excited to return to C Bar C Expo this year mostly because of the feedback that we have been getting from you! Those who attended last year’s finals left with a lot of positive comments and we hope that those who did not make it will this year share in the experience.

As most of you know the National Finals is where we hold our annual directors meeting. We truly want to manage our association as best we can and we want your voices to be heard. If you have any suggestions for our rulebook whether it be adding, subtracting or amending rules we encourage you to let your directors know so that we can bring it to the table and vote on it in this meeting. Some things that we typically try to keep in mind is that we try not to implement rules that will not work across the board. This is to keep an element of consistency. We also try to keep a relatively short rulebook. Our current rule book is 10 pages long and they are only half pages. We want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves without having to check the rules all the time but we also have to have guidelines to maintain fairness.

Program Info: Click here for a link to the National Finals Program information. You have a chance to win and entry for the Nationals and/or a National Finals jacket and its a great way to support our National Finals!

New Website Feature

An additional feature has been added to the website since its initial launch this past year. On the top banner there is a new “Search” option. This link will allow you to type in your name and pull up all of the horses that you have points on in the current season. You can then click on the horses name and it will take you directly to a report for that horse.

In closing we wish you all a fantastic 2015 season and thank you for your support of this past season!

Shane Cline                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              IBRA President